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Posts and Groups

Create forums on any topic you want (i.e. mental health, physical health, social environment, etc.) and interact with peers or peers and specialists

Professionals Listings Tab

Look for the right Specialist for you based on your needs

Booking and Scheduling

Create a 1:1 session with your Specialist of choice

Match with an Specialist

Ability to match with volunteers, social workers, therapists, counselors, consultants, coaches, mentors

Provide Reviews

You can post an anonymous review and rate the service provided by your Specialist of choice

Free Download

Users will not have to pay for any functionality of the app


Why must have this app?

A place to connect with potential clients and your own peers in your professional space.

Exclusive Content

Share content with your peers or with the users so that they can see your added value and are compelled to working with you.

Build your Brand

Through the reviews system, you will be able to build your reputation within the app and get recurrent business

Access to Users

Ability to interact with users in different ways, informing your practice in specific ways

Referral System

Ability to refer to other professionals while earning referral fees


OpenUpp is the only app that allows you to create any forum anonymously so that you can connect with other people that are going through your same situation, and then be able to interact with these peers, but also allow specialists in some groups or even have groups between specialists only.

Sometimes we go through some situations in life and we do not feel like sharing with others, or we do not know where to start or how to get help. It might be that you are going through a divorce, or are battling an illness, or feel socially isolated, or are launching a business. We want to make the world a better place by allowing you to connect with the right specialists (volunteers, coaches, mentors, etc.).

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Your experience using this app will be unique as you will connect with peers based on your areas of interest and potentially get help with the right specialist for you.

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